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Welcome to wMail!

Description: wMail is a fork of the popular, attractive, and fast kmMail webmail package, which has not seen any new development in many years. IMAP support is included, as well as HTML rendering of email and great MIME support like kmMail.

This page is preliminary, so bear with me. Note: The screenshot is horribly out of date. I'll make some new ones soon. :D

wmail 0.32 - Nov. 25/2004

Sigh. HTTPS attachment downloading had a different bug. :(
  • Another IE fix, this time for HTTPS sessions.

wmail 0.31 - Nov. 25/2004

Unfortunately, due to limited testing (only me, since virtually no one has contacted me about wmail), a point release is required. :(
  • Some attachments weren't downloaded properly using IE.

wmail 0.30 - Nov. 25/2004

The forwarding bug was the last _major_ bug that I know about. If you find any more, PLEASE email me.
  • Totally revamped the forwarding system. Attachments are now forwarded properly! Major feature! :D
  • Message list now looks 42 times more sexy.

wmail 0.20 - Nov. 17/2004

  • Revamped login system from http authentication to login screen-based.
  • Uses sessions to track users from page to page.
  • Register_Globals=On should no longer be necessary in php.ini. (This could use some feedback, please)
  • Added ability to view images inline in messages (a la hotmail, etc).
  • Took out folder cookie setting (no longer needed).
  • Replying to messages quotes "From" not "Reply-To" address (annoying for mailing lists).
  • Weather displays proper icon even when moon icon is specified in XML.
  • Forwarding messages quotes sender, not a blank.
  • Delivery Statuses should be displayed properly now.
  • Build is now scripted, so should be able to avoid releasing with the wrong version number in settings.inc from now on. :D

wmail 0.10

  • Major and Minor bug fixes from 0.02.
  • Allow user to set name and email address if so configured.
  • Moved the Send Button to a nicer spot on the compose page.
  • Allow for the attaching of multiple files.
  • Took out some site specific settings that accidently made it into the previous release.

wmail 0.02

Many changes from kmmail have been applied and implemented into wMail 0.02. Among them include:
  • Optional weather information on page header from weather.com
  • Subscribed folder list including # of unread messages in header
  • More managable interface in the code, facilitating for later changes to add themes
  • Changes to the folders page to allow subscribing and unsubscribing of folders
  • Changes to mailbox to place icons in a more readable location
  • Removed pop3 support (use kmmail if you wish to use pop3)